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We empower Advertising Agencies, Marketers, and Business Owners by providing them with the tools, structure, and support to build high-performing in-house marketing teams while freeing them from day-to-day fulfilment tasks.
Retain your clients, reduce churn or save thousands of dollars yearly in agency fees by building a lean and effective marketing pod.
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Who do we help?

We fuel Advertising Agencies, Marketers and Business Owners by equipping them with the engine to drive their paid advertising success.

We work with two types of founders:
Agency Founders & Marketers that have more than 1 client and want to improve their client results, and have clients stay with them for 12 months and beyond.
Business Owners (E-commerce, SaaS, Real Estate, etc.) that want to bring marketing in-house as they’re tired of being burned by agencies, and desire more control over their success.

Our objective

Our goal at PaidAdvertising.com through AdEngine is to help you do one of the following 2 things:

Stop burning through clients due to bad results, poor communication and an overwhelming amount of work thrown on your shoulders, and instead increase client satisfaction, lower churn rate, and free yourself from your day-to-day service delivery obligations.
Free yourself from needing agencies to power your growth, take marketing into your own hands, save thousands of dollars yearly in costs, and build your own high-performing, cost-effective, marketing pod.
We build you the system needed to offload your ad decision-making process and help you scale your business, or your clients’ businesses, to the next level.

What do we do?

Marketing Fundamentals & Product-Market Fit
The key to unlocking the growth you desire lies in a subtle perspective shift… In this online space, you are a marketer first, then a business owner.

The art of marketing has been lost over the last decade with the rise of media buying. At the click of a button, most were now able to claim they were “gifted from the marketing god” commonly referred to as Zuck… But were you really?

What principles of effective marketing make an ad successful or not? What copywriting fundamentals apply in this day and age of a “creative-first” ad approach? How can you be certain that your ad will work?

Our goal is to help you think like a marketer, and ensure that you have strong product-market fit as a business owner, or that your clients, as an agency, have a validated value proposition or offer.
Building Your Marketing Pod
Alone, you simply can’t achieve much. You need the proper team infrastructure to achieve true scale and freedom.

We help our clients build their own internal marketing pod, primarily consisting of a Creative Specialist and Editor.

Imagine if a Creative Strategist and Media Buyer had a kid but this kid also so happened to have knowledge that birthed famous ads from the 50s…

Get your freedom, remove yourself from fulfillment as an agency owner, or from marketing as a business owner.
Maintaining, Managing and Scaling Your Team
What should you do if your ad spend becomes unmanageable for such a lean pod or if you’re acquiring clients faster while increasing your retention rate, leaving you with a heap of clients to serve?

We’ll help you keep a well-oiled machine by leveraging training material and consulting on team management, natural pod evolution models, and give you the right framework to create a team that can easily expand based on your growing needs.
Expert Q&A Support & Training Sessions
Every week, Justin will have a 1-hour open-ended Q&A session to give you personalized hands-on support.

Additionally, there will be a specialized weekly Q&A Session specific to "Ads & Creatives" held by our agency’s team of media buyers and creative specialists to enable you to have your strategies, ads, copy, landing pages, and more, reviewed by our team.

You will receive on-demand hands-on implementation help from our team.
Join other like-minded entrepreneurs. In our various communication channels, you will find specialized team members that can help answer your media buying, team building, management, and creative questions. You also can network and connect with other brand owners and entrepreneurs to share your wins, and losses, ask questions, and simply "shoot the shit!".

Build Your Pod Today, From Scratch.

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Thriving brands across the globe benefit from our services to scale their revenue every month. Join them now and discover what Wizo Media can do for you and your business.

“Justin really helped me improve my business, and even build it from the ground up. I was very impressed by the success he was providing for his clients, and I wanted to try it out for myself. He helped me optimize my ads, improve my creatives, fix IOS tracking problems, and a lot more. I was able to learn from his mistakes and experience, it was very insightful and allowed me to improve my business. My main takeaway from working with him was around the mindset. I was getting lost, and not putting my energy in the right places in my business. Having someone that can understand what you're going through, has been there, done that, was truly beneficial for me."
Founder, Magnic Media
“Justin and the team at Wizo have been a pleasure to work with over the last year. Results wise they have doubled our ROAS YoY whilst maintaining the same ad spend. They've also helped us begin our paid media journey on Pinterest with great success. Definitely recommend this platform for any creative/fashion brands! Their communication is second to none with weekly updates & bi weekly catch up calls and they are always forthcoming with suggestions an areas of improvement. If you’re a small business looking to achieve quick growth, I highly recommend Justin and the team at Wizo Media.”
Owner, The Hippie Shake